Suggar++R is software that provides a general capability for obtaining the overset domain connectivity information for a given set of overlapping grids.This guide is primarily intended to document basic usage  how to unpack and compile the code from its distribution tar le and how to set up and run the code  as well as to provide a reference for all of the input elements and command line options.New users may wish to read through the introductory material in Sec-tion 2.2 that describes the input le format and Section 4 that describes the basic code usage, including the detailed tutorial in Section 4.8.Users who have previous experience with SUGGAR may be more inter-ested in some of the more recent features added to Suggar++ R that are described in the Advanced Topics sections in Section 7. Compared to SUG-GAR, Suggar++ Ralso provides additional hole-cutting options which are discussed in Sections 4.1 and 4.2.Also note that Suggar++ R has a separate Programmer's Guide aimed more towards developers that covers topics such as incorporating calls to Suggar++ R from within a ow solver and regression testing for Suggar++ R.